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Goliath’s Tania Raymonde: Inside a Day in My Life (US Weekly)
Oct 05, 2021 / Veronique   Articles & Interviews Gallery Photoshoots

Vacation mode on! Tania Raymonde took some time to relax before her TV show, Goliath, returned to Amazon for its fourth season, and she gave Us Weekly an exclusive look at her enviable European trip.

Raymonde, 40, headed to Corsica, a Mediterranean island known for its mix of French and Italian culture, but she wasn’t there just to relax on the beach. Her mother is a Corsica native, and Raymonde still has family there, including her grandmother.

The bilingual star, who fans might recognize from Malcolm in the Middle and Lost, was born and raised in Los Angeles. However, the California native was sent to a French school, Lycée Français de Los Angeles, as a child. She’s fluent in the language that her mother grew up speaking.

Raymonde’s life is pretty different from that of her Goliath character, Brittany Gold. She has starred as the paralegal/sex worker opposite Billy Bob Thornton in Amazon’s legal thriller since 2016. Goliath season 4, which started streaming September 24, finds Raymonde’s Brittany more worried than ever about Thornton’s Billy McBride as he works to take down a pharmaceutical giant.

Brittany’s story comes to an end in the fourth and final season of Goliath, but Raymonde is just getting started. In addition to acting, she writes and directs, making her quite the triple threat.

The actress shared exclusive vacation photos with Us Weekly to show a day inside her life in Corsica. Scroll down to see more:

9 a.m.
“I’m visiting my family in Corsica, so this is me enjoying a very tiny coffee at my Grandma’s balcony for breakfast,” Raymonde told Us. “It’s got a great view overlooking the square called La Place St. Nicholas. I could sit and watch the ships come into the port all day.”

2:15 p.m.
“After a very leisurely morning (I’m still jet lagged) I went antique shopping in the old neighborhood of The Citadel,” Raymonde added.

3 p.m.
Raymonde joked that she was following local customs when she took a call on a scooter. “When in Corsica, one must always take important business calls on a Vespa,” she said.

4:45 p.m.
“No day is complete without a stop at a café for a drink before dinner,” Raymonde declared. “This one’s my favorite, it’s water flavored with Licorice and Mint, and it’s the prettiest color. My Mom’s miniature Schnauzer approves (though he might be color blind.)”

5 p.m.
“And finally, dinner — which starts late and ends very late,” Raymonde explained. “Some delicious cheeses to end the meal with fresh green tomato jelly, scraps for the family pup, and a beautiful view of the Place at night.”

Source: usmagazine.com

Goliath Video Interviews
Sep 28, 2021 / Veronique   Articles & Interviews Goliath Videos

Goliath season 1 episode screencaps
Sep 11, 2021 / Veronique   Gallery Goliath Screencaps

I uploaded screencaps to the gallery of Tania in the first season of Goliath. Click on the gallery link below to see all caps from each episode.

Goliath Season 4 – Official Trailer
Sep 11, 2021 / Veronique   General News

‘Goliath’ Final Season To Premiere This Fall On Amazon Prime Video
Aug 10, 2021 / Veronique   Goliath

Billy Bob Thornton will take his final turn as Billy McBride in Amazon Prime Video’s Goliath on September 24 – which means the character somehow survived the murder attempt in the season 3 finale.

And he’s looking to face some serious goliaths across eight episodes this season, by way of newcomers J.K. Simmons and Bruce Dern. The streamer teases Billy will face off against the opioid industry: Simmons stars as George Stax, the leader of a family-owned pharmaceutical company that’s one of the biggest in the country. Dern will portray George’s brother Frank.

Not only does Billy survive but he returns to his Big Law roots despite chronic pain in the wake of his attack by last season’s baddy Diana Blackwood (Amy Brenneman). Patty (Nina Arianda), who is now working at a prestigious white-shoe law firm in San Francisco, can’t shake the feeling she’s being used by Billy. Their loyalties will be tested, putting the partnership on the line.

But they need to get themselves together because Big Pharma has deep pockets that can buy almost anything, maybe even justice. If Billy and Patty want to score a win for the little guy, they’ll need to give it their all.

Tania Raymonde, Diana Hopper, Julie Brister, Bruce Dern, Brandon Scott, and Jena Malone will also star.

The first three seasons of Goliath are available to stream now via Amazon Prime Video.

Source: Deadline.com

Switched At Birth screencaps
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Crash screencaps
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Cold Case screencaps
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